The API Economy: How APIs Drive Speed & ROI in B2B eCommerce

November 10, 2015

Category: Development

Software has created a new business reality.

And now, this new business reality has been revolutionized. Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, have created a global trend of software infusion in business.

Laura Merling, VP Ecosystems and Solutions at AT&T, says, “APIs are the building blocks of the digital economy. They make exisiting capabilities fungible, so that it is possible to use them in new ways, quickly and easily, thereby spurring innovation and new value creation.” APIs are the key to unlocking the power of software itself.

Today, the way businesses buy and sell online has been revolutionized by APIs in five key ways:

  1. APIs accelerate the Speed to Market
  2. APIs Provide for Unprecedented Customization
  3. APIs Are a Game Changer for Integrations
  4. APIs Create Significant Cost Savings
  5. APIs + The Cloud = Endless Scalability