Women’s History Month: Meet Four51’s Women in Tech

March 28, 2019

Category: News

Every year, March is Women’s History Month – commemorating and encouraging the study, observance, and celebration of the vital role of women in American history. Women have had a leading role in the progress made in so many things throughout our country’s history – from science to politics to technology.

The technology industry is thriving and many women have had a hand in the advancements and innovation happening every day. At one point, women with roles in technology were uncommon but strides have been made to recognize the value of women in tech. Today, more and more women are choosing careers in technology thanks to increased awareness through women-led organizations, groups, and programs.

Here at Four51, we are lucky to have some amazing women working on our teams. They hold varying positions from Business Analyst to Front End Developer to Market Development Director.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we are highlighting Four51’s Women in Tech.

What got you interested in working in technology?

“I was a recruiter before, so I had a lot of visibility in the technology field. I went to a meetup to recruit for a tech position and I started talking to some women who introduced me to a non-profit that focused on women in tech. I took a couple of classes there and really liked it, so I started developing in my free time.” – Alexa, Front End Developer

“I worked in HR right out of college for about 4 years and found that, for me, it wasn’t as intellectually challenging as I wanted. I knew the parts of the job I liked were the ones that I had to get more technical with. I started looking into what else I could do with some of the skills I already had without having to get another degree. I attended a coding bootcamp; it was an accessible way to get into the industry.” – Miranda, Senior Full Stack Developer

“I stumbled into it – I had the opportunity to do marketing at a growing company which is what got me into it. The thing that keeps me interested is that technology isn’t going away and I can use what I’ve learned here wherever I go in my career. It’s exciting to me to think that we’re helping other businesses run their business better with technology.” – Kayla, Market Development Director

“I was a math major in college. My first job out of college was as a programmer. I was fortunate because my employer provided training and mentoring as well as paying for me to take master classes in software engineering. I found that the logic and problem solving I learned through my math classes helped me with learning to program.” Lisa, Technology Director

What do you like about working in technology?

“It’s an industry that I knew nothing about when I first started here, but it’s a fun industry to learn because it’s so important – it touches every aspect of life these days. I like that I will always have something new to learn.” – Calley, Marketing Manager

“It can be challenging because it’s always changing and there’s always something new to learn. I think it’s important to learn it and understand it.” – Elizabeth, Advanced Support

“I have always liked solving problems with technology. I like being involved with understanding the customers’ challenges and helping to translate those challenges into technical solutions.” – Lisa, Technology Director

“Working in technology can be challenging because there are so many moving parts, but it is very rewarding to be able to deliver great solutions that are tailored to our clients’ needs.” – Ellie, Business Analyst

What is something that you’re most proud of?

“When I started working here, I couldn’t have told you what “API” stood for; I didn’t know a lot the industry or the technology. Now, I’ve developed that knowledge and can have thoughtful conversations with our prospects and customers about how our technology can help solve their problems.” – Kayla, Market Development Director

“When we build our websites for our customers, we start from scratch with blank slates. Seeing those websites come to life and knowing that our customers rely on them day-to-day is cool to see.” – Ashley, Business Analyst

“I’ve discovered something that I never thought that I’d like. I found something that I like, I’m interested in, and something that I could be good at – I’ve developed new skill sets. I’ve been put in contact with people that I really enjoy working with, too.” – Elizabeth, Advanced Support

What advice would you give to women trying to build a career in technology?

“I would say not to be afraid – I have things that I come across every day that I don’t understand and I have to talk to people who are more technical than me to help me out. But that shouldn’t hold you back from a career, when I started I had no background.” – Ashley, Business Analyst

“Use other women as resources. It’s so helpful because we, as women, are still a small group in the industry and there are so many groups out there that can help you, mentor you, and give you great advice. Those communities can make this industry a little less intimidating.” – Elizabeth, Advanced Support

“I would tell them to just do it. I think we need the female perspective in the industry. There are lots of opportunities in the tech space no matter how interested you are in the actual technical side of technology.” – Kayla, Market Development Director

What do you most like about working at Four51?

“The people around here are really supportive and you need that in a tech job because one person can’t do it all.” – Ashley, Business Analyst

“Nothing about it is stale – we’re changing all the time and you have to stay on your toes. Sometimes that can be challenging but it’s an exciting opportunity to help drive the business as we make pivots.” – Kayla, Market Development Director

“The best part about Four51 is being surrounded by driven individuals who are motivated to grow, and in turn motivate me to grow.” – Ellie, Business Analyst

“I like that it’s a place where I can freely voice feedback and be met with constructive conversation. I get to bring my whole self to work every day, I never have to compromise my values.” – Miranda, Senior Full Stack Developer

“I like that it’s interesting, that I have a lot of responsibility, and people are counting on me. I can learn new things and new skills, and I can move into new positions if I want to.” – Elizabeth, Advanced Support

“Four51 is a very supportive company. We work together to help our customers be successful.” – Lisa, Technology Director

“I like that from day one, you are supported and encouraged to grow and develop in your career. There are a lot of really great people here.” – Calley, Marketing Manager

“The freedom and flexibility that comes with this company – I like that you have independence and there’s always a group of people to support you.” – Alexa, Front End Developer